VIP Mansion and 2017 updates! 5/5 (2)

World Chef is still going strong with lots of players from all over the world. I am not playing the game as much as I used to, but I still check in from time to time to see what is going on.

The newest update for world chef now has the spring decorations. You can see what these look like in the screenshot below.

Fairly new in game is also the VIP Mansion. This building becomes available for you to buy as soon as you reach bronze star status. It will cost you 1500 coins to unlock and takes as much as 10 hours to build unless you decide to speed it up.

Using the VIP Mansion you can invite special VIP guests to visit your restaurants. These VIP guests will pay a huge amount of money for the dishes you serve them. It is definitely a pretty cool addition to World Chef.

There are also a lot of other new and exciting features being added to the game every month. I suggest you follow the World Chef twitter to keep track of the newest updates.

I will also post updates regularly here on this website and share tips on how to take advantage of the new features in the game.

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