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It is possible to level up really fast in World Chef for iPad / iPhone if you spend your gold and your chef’s time in a clever way. I’m sure it’s the same way on World Chef for Android, but I’ve not tested that yet.

The main ways you get experience in the game is to produce food and serve customers the food they want. When it comes to both the rate you gain experience depends a lot on how long the food your chef’s cook take to make.

Some dishes take a long time to make, while some are really quick. The dishes that take a long time to make are generally the dishes that the higher level chef’s make. They give you quite a bit more gold from the customers, but these dishes also cost a lot of gold to make due to all the ingredients they include. Even if they make a larger profit in gold when serving them, we don’t really care about that here, this is a guide about power levelling in World Chef after all, I will make another guide discussing gold farming later.

If you compare the experience you get from making a quick dish that takes one minute to one that takes half an hour the difference might be a factor of 3x or 4x. Instead of making that slow dish, you should instead make lots of the cheaper dishes and make a lot more experience this way.

The customers visiting your restaurant also give good experience when eating the quick dishes compared to the slow ones. The slow one might give twice as much experience and gold, but again, you can serve a lot more customers the quick dish in the same amount of time.

To be able to serve as many quick dishes as optimal, you have to send away your customers every now and then. You can do that tapping on the emergency door that shows up to the right of the experience their order will give. When you send them away you have to wait for a while before you get new customers, but if you have nothing to serve these customers it’s better to do this. If you are lucky you will get new customers that want some quick to make dishes instead.

Another benefit of serving quick dishes is that you will complete the “Cook dishes” achievement much quicker. This achievement will give you lots of experience at the higher ranks so that will help your power levelling a lot too. For instance at Second Chef rank the “Cook dishes” achievement will give you 100 experience, that’s one sixth of a whole level at level 10!

Even following this guide I’m still quite a bit away from level 50, so if any of my readers are close to that level I would be really curious hearing how they did it. World Chef is a fairly new game after all, so noone has a lot of playtime yet after all. I’m sure there will be more power levelling strategies developed as the game mature, and I will be sure to add them here then. Please also leave a comment if you have any questions.

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  1. instead of pressing the emergency door to get the guests to leave you can also keep the table pressed and put it in the inventory and then place it again immediately, that way you have no waiting time for new guests to come! 🙂

  2. I am in the process of building a costs table. That way you can plan your budget. Also the delivery boy buys items at a higher price than if you sold them to a table. but you dont get exp for it.

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