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If you want to expand your restaurant in World Chef you have to make money obviously, and in this guide I will give you some tips and advice on how to make gold quickly in the game. You can obviously buy diamonds and uses those to buy gold, that’s really easy, just hit the plus button beside your gold balance. Buying lots of diamonds will quickly get expensive however, and some players also take pride in getting far in a game without spending money. No matter what you decide to do, this gold guide to World Chef will still be useful.

First thing is to serve your customers the dishes they want. The customers who eat at your restaurant will give you both gold and experience after they are done eating at the restaurant. How much they pay you depends on what you serve them, just as in a real restaurant. The difference however, is that you as the owner of the restaurant can not decide how much to charge for your dishes. The price for the different dishes are set by the game.

In general, the longer the dish takes to make, the more money you will get paid from the customers who eat it. The ingredients and the level of the chef making the dish matters as well, dishes that require expensive ingredients give you more income when you serve them. I suggest looking at the markets for the price of ingredients and calculate your profit from the different dishes based on that. Also take into the account how often you have time to log in to World Chef on your iOS or Android device. If you don’t have time to log in often, going for the slower dishes is probably the best idea.

Another way you gold in World Chef is to sell stuff to other players. The red building behind the market is the place to do that. Tapping that building gives you a control panel where you can see what your neighbours are selling and at which price. If you have a lot of one type of ingredients that you don’t need, place the for sale here, just a little bit above the market price is a good idea. You can also try and sell special items here at high prices, the special items are the ones you use to upgrade your storage and other parts of your restaurant.

Now on to one of the biggest gold mines in World Chef, the winery. At level 11 you can unlock the winery, quit early in the game that is. It costs 1,200 gold, but it is well worth it. The winery works just like one of your chefs. To make wine you have to select the winemaker there and drag a bottle of wine in the boxes below him to start making the wine. The cheapest wine take around two hours to make. It is well worth it however, as you can get as much as 150 gold for one bottle of this wine.

There are probably lots of other smart ways to make decent gold in World Chef as well. Please let me know if you have any ideas or feedback by leaving a comment below.

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  1. I started making a list of cost to make vs the sell prices. I am level 19 at the moment. and have over 11k in gold. Yes you can get a lot of money from wine, tho its not a very high demand item. With wine, dont over produce it, but keep 3 on hand at all times. I would recommend using the delivery boy especially when you first get started, since he buys things at a higher price than if you were to sell them directly to the customer. For example bread only costs you 1 gold to make. The delivery boy will buy it for 11 gold. I would suggest that if you do buy diamonds, spend them on storage space, as this will be of great benefit. Or any time you do get diamonds.I have only 5 tables, this allows me time to stockpile items and have a faster turnover rate with tables. Another thing that helps with turn over rate, is if you have a guests that wants a 2 hour item, or another long ticket time, and if you don’t have it in stock, get rid of the table by saving it in your inventory, this way you don’t get penalized a time for booting customers. Don’t feel bad. there is no penalty for doing so. When you get the bartender, dont stock pile cappuccinos either, and dont collect them till you need them, saves space in your pantry.

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